If anyone had told me that my family would read this many books on a week’s holiday, I never would have believed them.  I think all my worry about raising reluctant readers (including my husband) is officially over.  Having a full week with no plans brought out the inner reader in all of us to the point that I once had to prohibit the books so we could get ready for dinner! 🙂

We didn’t plan a reading vacation; in fact, I ended up at the local bookstore twice that week to purchase additional books after exhausting the donated book selection in the hotel office (slim at best).  What started this reading excursion was the plane ride – there were no desirable movie offerings (that we hadn’t already seen at least once), so guess what? We all read!

It also helped that I allowed my soon-to-be 14-year-old daughter to read Twlight by Stephanie Meyers.  I’ve been rolling it around in my brain for a while now – is it time to stop censoring what she reads?  I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t even  know what I was reading at fourteen (anyone remember Flowers in the Attic?). I also want her to discover what she likes and doesn’t like for herself.  And I want her to read about girls willing to  sacrifice everything for a boy before she’s thinking about sacrificing everything for a boy herself.

Needless to say, she devoured Twilight and wanted more.  Next thing I know, I’m checking out the local Island bookstore and buying the second and third books (which luckily I didn’t have at home), as well as finding another great read for my 11-year-old.

cover-1This book, The Land of Stories, by Chris Colfer (otherwise known as Kurt on Glee), was a great find.  The story of a twin brother and sister who fall into their Grandmother’s book to find themselves in the land where all the bedtime stories are true is a fun read for anyone who loves a good fractured fairytale.  I can just imagine Colfer drawing out the map of kingdoms where each of the princesses reside with their own respective Prince Charming brother (there are four of them, of course – otherwise how could they each marry one?).  The story cleverly weaves itself between the Brothers Grimm and Mother Goose with enough evil deeds thrown in that I was sent back to the bookstore later that week for Book #2!

I will remember this vacation as the time we all truly relaxed and touched base with our inner reader.  We even had discussions around ‘literature’ (The Book Thief) versus ‘junk food reads’ (Twilight).  I will reserve a separate post for The Book Thief alone – this amazing book deserves that much, at least.  For now, I just hope for warmer weather and more great books to enjoy!

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