The Winnowing by Vikki Vansickle

By on June 5, 2019

What if all you trusted was a lie? Marivic couldn’t wait to be winnowed; she read the Barton Guide from cover to cover anticipating the day. But The Barton Center for Adolescent Health wasn’t exactly what Marivic had thought it would be. Even if the doctors kept things light-hearted with names like ‘Dr. Dad’, something insidious was going on. No one remembered much after their winnowing, and some didn’t even survive.

The Winnowing by Vikki Vansickle transports readers to a speculative world filled with mystery and danger. Winner of the 2018 Red Maple Fiction Award from the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading Program, The Winnowing will keep middle grade (and up!) readers enthralled until the last page.



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