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Summer Reading Lists


Nothing says summer better to me than having loads of time to sit back and read under a tree or umbrella!

Outdoor Portrait Of A Cute Young Black Little Girl Reading A Boo

My Summer Reading List is filled with books I have to read for various book clubs, but also my own guilty pleasures.  Really, anything your child reads will help spur their love of reading, whether it’s an Archie Comic or a Nancy Drew mystery.  Studies show that just physically having books around the house (or cottage) increases a child’s chances of higher-level education (see 2010 Pacific Standard Study).  Of course it doesn’t hurt to have the hottest books available to pick up and peruse.  Here’s a sampling of books that your reluctant reader might enjoy this summer:

The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer
The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer
  • The Land of Stories Series by Chris Colfer offers Grades 5 and up an entry to a magical world where all the fairy princesses have their own Prince Charming coupled with mystery and intrigue.

maze runner

  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner provides even the most reluctant reader an exciting read.  With its short chapters, cliff-hanging endings, and soon-to-be-movie release this summer, the YA reader will be hooked!

The Accidental Hero

  • The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch is a must read for any kid who loves superheroes.  On the same vein as The Vindico and The Feros by Wesley King, this Jack Blank series captures you into a world where comic book superheroes (and villains) come to life.  Anything can happen in the Imagine Nation!

What are you reading this summer?  Let’s start sharing and expanding our own libraries!

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