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“Springing” into Great Books


The spring thaw began today and already I want to put away the boots and pull out my flip-flops!  Unfortunately, I’m sure there are more chilly days in store, so I’m keeping a few good books on the nightstand to curl up with.

I am dreadfully behind on posting the Bookworm Bookclub’s latest books and activities, but we have read some great books this school year.  Most of these would be geared for Grade 6 up, but I enjoyed them too.  I know boys and girls will find something here to get lost in, no matter what the weather!

Enders GameEnder’s Game by Orson Scott Card

A good way to introduce kids to the Science Fiction genre, but the harsh violence might be a bit much for the younger set.  Of course the futility of war theme is a great message to discuss as well as comparisons between the movie and the book (spoiler alert – the book was better! 🙂 )

Counting Back from NineCounting Back from Nine by Valerie Sherrard

A wonderful book written in free verse illustrating the pain, joy, and other emotions of a young girl navigating the world of friends, family, and boys.

Rose Under FireRose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

An historical novel following up Wein’s previous book, Code Name Verity.  Rose follows a teenage girls flying air transport during WWII captured by the Germans.  A riveting tale of survival and redemption.

CinderCinder by Marissa Meyer

I never thought that science fiction and fairytales would make for such a fun read!  This well-crafted world of New Beijing where a cyborg Cinder(ella) meets a Prince that changes her life is addictive.

The Fault in our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I’m not sure where to start with this amazing book.  I felt I was living Hazel and Augustus’ story – two teenage cancer patients who find love despite knowing the eventual loss will be heart-wrenching.  I now want to read Looking for Alaska and anything else written by John Green.


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