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“Somewhere in France” by Jennifer Robson


Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Robson, author of Somewhere in France and (now I know) my neighbour.  I heard about her book a few months ago and, as so often happens, it started to pop up in different areas of my life – I saw the book at Costco, spied it on the Globe and Mail’s Bestsellers List, and was invited to a mega-Bookclub meeting about it with the author.

I have never seen so many avid female readers in one room!  We all gathered around in the kitchen (no surprise there!), swapping book titles for our kids and ourselves, indulging in the food and drink (A sidecar cocktail is a must for any WWI-themed Bookclub meeting!), and chatting with Jennifer who was sweet enough to answer numerous questions about her writing process and publishing journey.  Enthusiastic and friendly, Jennifer chatted about the  mortification of her father reading the more steamy parts of Somewhere and how Downton Abbey helped move her book into the publishing sights of Harper Collins.

Jennifer Robson and me
Jennifer Robson and me


I was only too happy to hear that although a couple chapters of Somewhere in France may be too mature for my young adult Bookworms, Jennifer’s next book will be just perfect for them.  In the meantime, I can’t wait to nominate Somewhere in France to my own book club and start reading it myself!


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  1. jane craig 4 years ago

    Nice write up Kimberly! You should maybe think about writing a book. You have a very nice writing style. Very concise and good word choices! ( I hope I don’t sound like an English teacher 🙂
    Maybe I have read too many weak English essays!


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