With longer summer days comes lazy summer nights 1 – whether it’s sitting out by a campfire singing songs or cuddling under a blanket with a flashlight and the book you just can’t put down, it’s all good!

We seem to have an endless number of kids staying at our cottage this summer, so I am always hearing about the latest book craze, both new and newly discovered.  Here are some I’ve recently added to my own to-read list:

RoarRoar by Emma Clayton displays a dystopian society where the outside world is filled with danger, or so they say. Recommended by an eleven-year-old boy who can’t wait to read the next in the series.


The Knife of Never Letting GoThe Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness is on my 14-year old daughter’s list.  The idea of having silence from the constant Noise  in a society where everyone’s thoughts could normally be heard by all appeals to both her and me!

the lying game My daughters have discovered Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.  Yes, I know it’s Mean Girls meets Knot’s Landing, but it’s a guilty obsession that they can share together (with mom watching on the side and making comments as necessary).  The Lying Game is another series by Sara Shepard that thankfully only has six books.  My youngest daughter started #1 and couldn’t put it down.  We’ll have to see if she starts begging for the next one or not.


Cinder This is a book series worth mentioning again.  The Lunar Chronicles is an on-going series that fractures fairytales to a whole new level.  I was very skeptical about a Cyborg Cinderella until a fellow YA fan (who happens to be a full-grown adult like me!) told me she couldn’t wait for the next instalment.  I picked it up myself and was hooked!  Well-written and wonderfully thought out, Cinder by Marissa Meyer took me to a world where cyborg discrimination replaces racial issues and the mistakes of colonization are repeated between the moon and the earth rather than various continents.  Both my girls have devoured this series and are anxiously waiting Fairest in January 2015.

gregor If you’re looking for a series to hook your Grade 4 and up girl or boy, try The Overlander series by Suzanne Collins.  Written before The Hunger Games craze, this series follows Gregor, a young NYC boy who accidentally falls into an underground world filled with bats, rats, and mystical humans.  The five-book series’ underlying theme is the futility of war and hatred with just enough bloodshed and romance to keep even reluctant readers enthralled.

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