On the Edge by Lesley Strutt

By on June 10, 2019

Do you really have the courage to change your life? That’s what fourteen-year-old Emma has to decide when she finds out her mother is not dead as she’s been told her whole life, just missing. Finding her mother will not only take courage, but strength, skill and a little bit of sneaking around. After all, Emma will have to run away from her legal guardians, sail alone from Canada, down the east coast of the United States to the Bahamas, and track down a woman missing for over ten years.

Inspired by two teenaged girls who sailed solo around the globe, On the Edge by Lesley Strutt follows Emerald (Emma) Lake Visser’s sailing adventure from Kingston, Ontario to Mayaguana Island, Bahamas. Boys and girls will be captivated by how Emma is able to handle herself through customs checkpoints, harsh weather, and modern-day pirates. A perfect summer book for readers 12 and up.



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