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We have just gotten home from almost three weeks of traveling in Europe – Barcelona, Paris, the French countryside, and The Netherlands.  It was a wonderful trip filled with amazing sights, sounds and tastes.  Through it all we read:  my oldest daughter started and finished The Hunger Games, I started and finished The Hand that First Held Mine, and we all read the second Percy Jackson novel, Sea of Monsters.  It’s nice to have a little bit of home when you’re so far away!

My audio books are also a welcomed pleasure during this kind of trip – Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice never fails to relax me in a plane filled with unfamiliar coughs, cries, and snoring.  Listening to a story that I almost know by heart allows me to drift into my own world and hopefully sleep.  And no matter where I wake up in the book, I can still keep up!

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