Author Jacqueline Guest takes us on a wild ride on the Great Eastern during its voyage to lay the first trans-Atlantic cable between England and Newfoundland in Ghost Messages.

Ailish is a thirteen year old Irish fortune teller who stows away on the ship to retrieve her family’s fortune from a thief. During her adventure she not only learns about friendship, but the strength she has within herself. Coming up against the treacherous Dalton is dangerous, but friends like Davy and Paddy help her follow through with her goal and win out in the end.

This story weaves an enthralling mystery together with the adventure of the high seas, a ghost story, and a history lesson of how global communication got its start.
A bit scary and dark at the beginning with a mean man preying on Ailish’s father and her once she is on the boat in disguise as a cabin boy. Great twist at the end that had a basis in fact about the building of The Easterner.


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