Fourth Dimension by Eric Walters

By on April 28, 2019

What would you do if everything just stopped? Everything relying on  electricity or a computer chip doesn’t work anymore – no lights, no phones, no cars with any kind of electronic components. This is what faces 15-year-old Emma, her brother and her ex-marine mother as they start to head out for a canoe camping trip one weekend. Marine training helps the family survive for a while, but what about the long term?

Although Fourth Dimension is part of Eric Walter’s Rule of Three series, it can certainly be read as a stand alone. Set in the Toronto Islands and told from Emma’s point of view, the story weaves through some darker survival themes including looting, gun violence and death. That being said, Fourth Dimension gives young adult readers a chance to explore these themes in the safety of a book and within the context of how far one might go to save themselves and their family.



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