The Bookworm Bookclub began its fourth year welcoming two new members.  The seven girls are in Grades 6 and 7 – a hard combination to navigate with interests ranging from toys to boys and differences in reading levels.  But with everyone’s huge enthusiasm about reading is general, it all seems to work out.

The first meeting back was more of a meet and greet session after the summer.  I found a great icebreaker question that started the conversation rolling – come up with five words that describe your summer and tell why you chose each word.  We talked about our summers, going back to school, and what we read since our last meeting.  Only one of our members actually blogged about their summer book (thank you Abby!), so we talked about the books in person and looked at the new Bookwormmom website that I was moving the Boookworm Bookclub blog into.  Then we set our goals for the club (meet new friends, read new books, and have fun), for the new website (get more authors to interact with us, blog more), and our next book.

About the Book…

The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley is a series of books that my daughter started over the summer.  It wasn’t her summer read book, but rather a book she picked up from her younger sister’s collection over the summer.  The Sisters Grimm chronicles two sisters whose parents are missing and they go to live with their newly discovered, eccentric grandmother.  What they also discover is they are descendants of the original Brothers Grimm who wrote all the fairy tales – but the fairy tales are actually true and the characters are living breathing people!  The Everafters, as they are called, must live in Ferryport Landing away from creating havoc on unknowing humans as long as a Grimm family member is alive.  It is a great series complete with a mystery involving fairytale creatures, kidnapped parents, and wolf-loving grandmother!

What We Did…

I served fairytale-inspired snacks but made the girls guess which story each food related to.  Here is my menu and inspiration:

  • Pigs in the blankets (The Three Little Pigs)
  • Apples and Apple Juice (Snow White)
  • Tea and Cookies (Little Red Riding Hood)
  • Edamame and Jelly Beans (Jack and the Beanstalk)
  • Chinese noodles, Pretzels, and Cheese & Crackers (straw, twigs, and bricks for The Three Little Pigs’ houses)

Although there is a Teacher’s Resource on the Sisters Grimm website (Reading Guide), I found the discussion questions from the Scholastic website more helpful (Scholastic Lesson Plan).  We used these questions to recall the details of the book and general discussion.  Everyone loved the book and many of the girls continued past Book 1, so I spent most of my time making sure Book 2 details weren’t spilled for the others!

I lucked out on the Internet this time and found some great activities at the Bright Hub Education website.  This lesson plan includes some character discussions that I used, but also a fun way to review the book – with a Jeopardy-like game (Bright Hub Education Student Project & Game).  The hardest part of this activity was teaching the rules of Jeopardy – if you haven’t seen the game before, answering in the form of a question is a difficult concept!

EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE: The Sisters Grimm Discussion Questions and Activities

In Conclusion…

The topic of the book was fairly light and a good way to get new members involved and excited about the upcoming year.  There were a lot of books on the table for the next meeting, but given that we were meeting after Halloween, we decided to read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.  Talk about a 180 degree turn!

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