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Book #12 – 100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson


100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson was scary but a wild ride.  The whole club enjoys reading about fantastical worlds and this book had loads of them.  The adventure begins when Henry goes to his aunt’s house in the midwest after his parents have been kidnapped.  Henry discovers 99 cupboards behind a wall in his attic room and that each one leads to another world.  In Chronicles of Narnia fashion, one of the worlds includes an evil witch and other dark forces that the Henry and his cousins have to fight.  As expected, good triumphs over evil and Henry discovers a strength inside himself that he never knew.

Instead of having the kids randomly select a character to discuss around the table, I turned the activity a bit on its head.  Everyone still got a character name, but this time they had to describe themselves so that the others could guess the name of their character (100 Cupboards Guess My Character).  It was fun to see if the kids really remembered the various characters in the book.  They also enjoyed my crossword puzzle (100 Cupboards Crossword Puzzle).  But the most fun was creating our own 100 cupboards.  A good activity  for making your own cupboards and different worlds can be found at

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