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Book #11 – Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander


Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander is an older book that one of our members had been introduced by her mother and loved it.  First published in 1963, the story stays timeless because it goes through time itself.  Jason’s cat Gareth, confides that although he doesn’t have nine live he can visit nine different lives of his choosing though out time.  Jason is having an off day and after being sent to his room for misbehaving, begs Gareth to take him on his nine lives adventure.   Together Gareth and Jason visit a pharaoh’s palace in ancient Egypt, Leonardo da Vinci in Italy, and a woman accused of witchcraft in England.  Each adventure teaches Jason about others and himself.  The book was a sweet story about a boy and his cat with a bit of history thrown in to teach us all a lesson or two.

Because the book was written so long ago, there weren’t any teacher resources available on the internet – and I started to realize how much I depend on the web for assistance with the book club!  So I reverted to my own resources and created a handout on the various historical situations in the book (using the wikipedia as my main resource, I must admit!).  But I will take credit for the questions that helped us discuss prejudices, mythology, and growing up (time-cat-handout-1).  I guess after ten book discussions, I was finally getting the hang of it!

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