Peter and the Starcatchers by Ridley Pearson and Greg Callwas a very adventurous book to undertake as our first book club book at 452 pages!  But our family had listened to it as a book on CD and my daughter fell in love with it.  I love books that show stories from a different point of view, and this is the story of how a young boy meets a pirate (a.k.a. a prequel to Peter Pan).  It starts out very Charles Dickenish and draws you into a story about a young orphan boy starting a sea journey, pirate raids, and a little bit of magic.  It is a great book for both boys and girls, and adults as well (as many of the parents who helped read the book to their kids can attest!).

Because it was our first book club meeting, I started out with having each character on a slip of paper (Peter, Molly, Black Stache, etc.).  Each child picked a character and said what he/she liked about the character, didn’t like about the character, and why they thought the character was important to the story.  I then used some of the discussion questions from Ridley Pearson’s official guide at, then we chose the next book.

I don’t think we had an activity to do for this book, but there was a lot of excitement about just discussing the parts we liked most about the book and how interesting is was to read about the Peter Pan story from a different perspective.  And picking the book for our next meeting took a while – each child had their favourite!


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