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Summer 2012 Reads


In keeping with tradition, I gave each member a book to read over the summer.  The books were recommended this year by a wonderful woman from ellaminnow book store.  I admit that I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the actual bookstore yet – I was introduced to it at the Library Resource Fair last spring.  Independent bookstores are a treasure trove of knowledge and ideas for amazing reads that might otherwise be missed among the masses.  I miss Mable’s Fables on the west end of Toronto, along with all The Book Mark and Book City.  But that’s another story.

At the Resource Fair, ellaminnow helped me select six books just perfect for each member – interesting, appropriate, and unique enough to not have been read already.  Given the number of books I’ve recommended in the past that have already been read by one or more members, this is not an easy thing to accomplish!

So here is where the book club members do the work for me.  This summer I asked each girl to read her book and post her own review right here.  Maybe their reviews will help you find your next favourite read!

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  1. Abby 6 years ago

    My summer reads book was called True…(sort of). It was an inspirational story because it brought out the story of three different kids that each had a problem. Delly Pattison, always is in trouble for some reason or other, but she is never told why. Brud, is a boy who can’t utter a sentence without stuttering; but when Ferris Broyde moves to town, she helps these other two kids in a very unique way. She has problems of her own however, Ferris Broyde refuses to utter a single word and if you touch her she will freak. Nobody knows why…


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